Sunshine 89

Sunshine 89

Barb Jelly

Evening Host

I was born and raised in a tiny town called New Liskeard, Ontario, I’m a Northerner who loves music, family, and photography. To you, I’m the midday girl. (I’m using "girl" because I’m still not comfortable with "woman" and I don’t think anyone would be confused enough to call me a "lady".)

Growing up in the north I spent a lot of time around my parents’ monstrous stereo system listening to anything and everything. My music knowledge is a great pride of mine, and I like to talk (though I’m generally not a funny person, I quite like making fun of myself – so that works out) – that’s how I got into radio. **The long story is I took Journalism in school, but upon graduation found out I was HORRIBLE at it, so I went back to school and got a diploma in Radio Broadcasting from Fanshawe College in London, ON. I then moved to Edmonton for my first radio job, then Winnipeg (oh my gosh those winters were cold!!!), then Barrie, then Toronto, then Owen Sound when I started working for Bayshore Broadcasting (the mother ship) in 2010.

When I’m not here hanging out with you during the late morning and early afternoon, I’m either working in the music department (Have a request? I want to know!!!), or at home with my husband (Derrick) and two young children (Lennah and Hawksley), or working on my photography business. **Before I had kids I would have swapped out time with the kids for music concerts.

If you want to know more about me – you can follow me on Instagram - @barbjelly (I’d say follow me on Twitter, but I rarely take the time to tweet unless I’m upset with customer service.)

And yes, my real name is Barb Jelly – or rather Barbra Anne Jelly. No, I didn’t take my husband’s last name… My last name was too cool to lose.

That’s all I’ve got. "Be nice to Mommy", as Rod would say!



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