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Tony Hann

Morning Show Host

Tell us about yourself:  Born and bred on “The Rock” I’m the youngest of a brood of youngsters from Bob & Marge. I’m a St. John’s “Corner Boy” with roots in “The Bay”. I’ve done time at CHUM, Newcap and Newfoundland Broadcasting in St. John’s and after I ran out of radio stations to work for in St. John’s I decided to try my luck in “Canada” proper.

I usually spend my spare time going through boxes of dusty records at flea markets and antique stores looking for wax gems. I also spend too much money buying old turntables and record players. My pride and joy is a 1905 Edison Diamond Disc Player, so if you know anyone with Diamond Discs for sale….you know where I am.

I am also an avid “worm drowner” and plan on spending a lot of time looking to see what kind of critters I can pull out of the twin lakes.
Speaking of critters, my fiancé and I are also busy raising two young adults. My parents promise me they eventually move out and make their own money.

If you want to know more, tune in weekday mornings!

Born: November 15, St. John’s, NL

Real ambition: Independent Wealth (as soon as I figure out exactly what it is and how to do it.)

Last purchase: 2010 GMC Canyon

Favourite word/phrase/quote: “Patriotism is the last refuge, to which a scoundrel clings” (Bob Dylan “Sweetheart Like You”)

First Job: Pulling nails out of lumber at construction site.

Before Sunshine: CKLY (BOB-FM), Lindsay

Indulgence: Old Turntables, Old Records, Chocolate

What you love about being on the radio
: I look really good.

Hidden talent: Cooking/Baking

Unverified claim to fame: First guy to lose a fight in the Buchan’s Recreational Women's League

Pets: Wilma: Female: Cat: (?) We’re not sure how old she is, she kinda came with the house when we bought it.

Rocco: Male: Border Collie: 2.5 rescued with help of the Ontario Border Collie Rescue Association

Favourite place in Orillia: Moe’s Tap & Grill (great pale ale), Casino Rama (for the entertainment of course, I’m too cheap to gamble).

If I could change the world: Neil Young would be Prime Minister and “Heart of Gold” would be the National Anthem.



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